New Soleo shower enclosure, pentagonal, single door

Shower enclosures

The New Soleo model features elegant chrome details with a gloss finish. The shower enclosures feature 6mm-thick tempered safety glass with Active Shield 2.0 protective coating, and have a column hinge that allows the door to swing outward and inward. The product can be installed with or without a shower tray. The collection comes with a 3-year warranty period. It is also possible to order the product in a customized option.


Glass thickness
Protective coating
Warranty 3 years
Product offered on a made-to-measure
Gasket for threshold-free installation included

Symbol Dimension Door L A B C D E F H W X1 X2
K-0606 80x80x195 1U - 78-79,5 78-79,5 32 - - - 195 60 76,7-78,2 76,7-78,2 add to clipboard
K-0607 90x90x195 1U - 88-89,5 88-89,5 42 - - - 195 60 86,7-88,2 86,7-88,2 add to clipboard


Dla drzwi składanych niemożliwe jest zastosowanie szkła “Visiosun”

Dla kabin półokrągłych możliwe jest zastosowanie jedynie szkła “czyste 6mm”

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